According to CNN, most kids check their cell phones 100 times a day! That is an astounding number. The survey was conducted by tracking 200 kids activity online.

Experts seem to think that kids are looking and checking their phones simply because they are board. When you add in social media, over 61% of the survey found that kids were looking for "likes". The more teens look at social media, the more distressed they can become, which can be a huge factor in kids who suffer from anxiety.

According to Adam Cochran who is in the Colorado Mesa University Communications Department, in an interview with KKCO News:

"If you took the social pressures that a kid feels, and now multiply that to a place where any one of the kids can be available, at any time, it does enhance all of those social pressures,"  

As the study continued, it found that teens can no longer see a distinction between their lives in the real world versus the online world. In most cases, kids will have no problem with saying online what they cannot say in person.