Kidabaloo! was a fantastic success this year. Every kid there had huge smiles on their faces that never went away.

Having something like this for kids is an amazing idea. Even Miranda May looked like she was having a blast. When those kids were standing in line waiting to meet Miranda you could tell they were excited.

I know both of my daughters and my nephew got a little flustered when they finally got to meet her. It was actually really funny. The best part of all the kids meeting her was the handshake that all of the kids did with her. Being a parent I have never seen anything that cool.

When you see all these kids being extremely happy and smiling, as a parent it makes you beam with pride. Which every parent was already doing.

I can't wait to bring my kids to this event next year just to see their smiling faces. It was a blast and the kids are already excited for next year.


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