As wardrobe malfunctions go, this one’s a doozy! Katy Perry‘s relaxing day at the Raging Waters waterpark in San Dimas, California, became fodder for the paparazzi when her bikini slipped down after riding a slide and she exposed her backside to the world.

This wasn’t just a partial reveal — we’re talking full moon here. Unfortunately for Katy, a nearby photog was ready to capture the moment. Either she didn’t realize her bikini was down for several seconds, or the guy had a high-powered camera, because he captured nearly two-dozen pics of Perry’s pale booty in the sun before a nearby lifeguard used his boogie board to hide her from view. Pics taken afterwards show a soaked Perry smiling, her frilly black and gray swimsuit back in place.

Katy has shown plenty of skin before, but never like this. Even when she was naked on the cover of her ‘Teenage Dream’ album, she went to great lengths to make sure all her naughty bits were covered up. Perry has yet to comment on the incident, but we know one thing — her parents won’t be happy about this!

WWTDD has two dozen pics, some of which could be considered not safe for work. See Katy Perry’s embarrassing waterpark incident by clicking the link below.

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