It was a crazy night in Montrose when a sheriff's deputy was dispatched to a report of a kangaroo running loose. Definitely not a normal call.

Here's the story as it was was posted by the Montrose County Sheriff's Office on Facebook.

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Thursday evening, Casey and David Hunt are driving down the road when they saw an animal of some sort hopping alongside the road. Casey says, "It looks like a kangaroo." Turns out, it's a wallaby, which looks like a kangaroo but is a lot smaller.

Montrose County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

Casey calls dispatch to report the animal on the loose. Dispatch says "How can we help you."

Casey says, "So, um, there's a loose kangaroo. Well, it's a wallaby, but a tiny kangaroo."

Dispatch says "I'm sorry?"

Then Casey says "No, I know it's crazy and I promise we aren't lying. Or on drugs, but there's a loose wallaby."

Montrose County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

By now, the wallaby has hopped across a field and is hanging out near a grain silo. Casey and David continue to track the creature until a sheriff's deputy shows up about 10 minutes later. It's also starting to get dark and the flashlights are out.

The wallaby's owner, known as Grandma Val, shows up and for the next hour three concerned citizens, two law enforcement officers, and Grandma Val chase the animal around in the dark. Finally, the wallaby goes down the road toward home and back to his pen where he's tucked in safe and sound for the night.

Montrose County Sheriff's Office via Facebook

All's well that ends well, but it was an interesting night in Montrose, to say the least. It's not just every day you encounter a wallaby on the loose in western Colorado.

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