When it comes to Kaley Cuoco's relationship with her husband, tennis player Ryan Sweeting, the word "impulsive" may come to mind. After all, the pair met, dated, became engaged and married all in the same year. And now, the 'Big Bang Theory' actress is showing her love for Sweeting in another permanent way: with a large tattoo depicting their wedding date across her back.

Cuoco showed off the fresh ink at a tennis charity event in California over the weekend. Donning pink shorts and a black tank top, Cuoco's tat was on display for all to see, with the couple's wedding date etched in black Roman numerals in between her shoulder blades. The tat perfectly matches Sweeting's version, which he chose to ink on his arm inside of a red spray-painted heart -- next to a large, script tattoo of his wife's name, of course.

While understated may not be in the couple's vocabulary -- remember how the bride wore a stunning, blush pink gown and they nommed on an upside-down wedding cake? -- the two are madly, passionately in love, and of course, that comes with some rash moments.

"I know that it seems a little crazy on paper. But it's what works for us," she told US Weekly after she and Sweeting got engaged after just four months of dating. "From day one I just knew immediately and it's been magic."

Let's hope that magic lasts -- because tattoo removal does not seem like a fun process!

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