Justin Bieber's fashion choices of late have left a lot to be desired. When he isn't wearing pants with the crotch at his knees, he's wearing pants that exist only to showcase his tighty whities -- and we won't even talk about his shirt allergy. But at least he's left his peach-fuzzed face alone.

Until now.

Look closely at the photo on the left. No, not at the Johnny Bravo hair. (It really is time for a mousse intervention, but that's for another day.)

What you see here is the Biebs' attempt at a mustache. And lest you think we're making that up, keep in mind he posted the pic on Instagram along with the missive, “Growin out the stash lol.” He even named it Rick. As you do.

But Rick looks more like a shadow to us. Or maybe the type of mustache your kid brother gets after a big glass of chocolate milk.

Maybe Justin realized that, because the next day, he posted the photo on the right with the words, "Rip stach" -- so apparently, Rick went into the Great Mustachioed Beyond after a very short (and nearly invisible) time here on earth.

Farewell, Rick. We hardly knew ye.