Gorgeous! Singer and actress Julianne Hough is a natural stunner, and she posted a new, no makeup selfie that further proved that fact.

The circumstances around the shot also served as a reminder that the multi-talented star, who is also an accomplished dancer with a rich 'Dancing With the Stars' history, is pretty on the inside, as well.

Hough, who split with longtime love Ryan Seacrest earlier this year, posted a photo from a flight where she is posed with a pal. Her face is bare and her makeup-free look highlights just how genetically gifted she really is.

With her blonde locks loose and tossled, Hough, 25, still turned heads.

Hough was on a charity mission when she posted this photo on Sunday, Oct. 6. She flew to Portland to help spread the word about the Kind Campaign, an organization that supports girls who've been bullied by other girls.

So yes, in addition to being gorgeous and talented, Hough has huge heart, and it's probably made of gold. What a keeper.

See the lovely and talented Hough below.

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