With Patty Jenkins and Ava DuVernay each working on $100 million films in Hollywood, there’s a sense that things are getting better for female directors. It’s a bit more complicated than that. For many women filmmakers, the toughest part of Hollywood is getting the second (or third) film made. Take You Were Never Really Here director Lynne Ramsay. Her 2011 standout film We Need to Talk About Kevin, now considered one of the best horror films of the young century, was her first feature film in nearly a decade. And while the controversy surrounding Jane Got a Gun certainly didn’t help her career, it’s not hard to see the other side of that equation. Filmmakers who fight for creative control are supposed to be revered, not condemned.

Still, Ramsay is back, and she’s sporting an all-star cast and crew for her film. You Were Never Really Here  —  which is often described as a revenge film in the vein of Drive  —  has attracted some pretty big names, from star Joaquin Phoenix to composer Jonny Greenwood (of There Will Be Blood fame). This first clip from the movie gives you a flavor of both; shot in a single take, this clip (via Deadline) works as the kind of anti-action film, with Phoenix’s character only needing a single quick burst of action to take down his assailant. Be sure to watch the whole scene so you can enjoy Greenwood’s synthesized score at the end.

You Were Never Really Here was purchased by Amazon Studios at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, keeping up that studio’s tradition of ambitious independent cinema. And because it’s Amazon and not, say, Netflix, we can also be assured of a theatrical release for those interested in seeing Phoenix’s military veteran character throw down in the back alleys of New York City. A little bit of Drive, a little bit of Taken, and a welcome reminder that, maybe this time, Ramsay shouldn’t have to wait years before Hollywood finds another project worthy of her talent.

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