I guess the lesson here today is don't mess with Jeff Gordon!

About a year ago Jeff Gordon teamed up with Pepsi to pull off a prank called the "Test Drive". He dressed up to disguise himself at a car dealership and took one lucky salesman on a test drive. Being Jeff Gordon, a professional NASCAR driver, he drove the car like he was in a famous movie chase scene.

After the video came out, a lot of people were criticizing it, calling it fake. I admit, it did seem a little scripted after I watched it a few times. But I am definitely glad I didn't post my thoughts online. This guy posted on his blog and posted videos trying to show the public the test drive was fake.

Jeff Gordon and the Pepsi team really went all out in this video and I'd say they got their moneys worth. This was hilarious to watch and hopefully we do learn our lesson and not try to come out saying this video is fake!

What do you think of the prank? Did they take it too far or did you enjoy it? Oh, and here's the original video... just in case you wanted to see it for yourself:


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