Some wild video footage has surfaced showing Meek Mill fighting to get out of a crowd in Ghana.

On Friday (Dec. 30), Meek Mill hit up his Instagram account to post a series of intense video clips that were filmed while the Philadelphia rapper forced his way through a rabid crowd as he headlined the Afro Nation concert in Ghana on Thursday night (Dec. 29). Meek can be seen practically fighting off people as he and what appears to be a team of security guards battle through the chaotic mob scene before climbing their way out of the sea of people and eventually making a grand exit on dirt bikes.

"They roughed me [the fuck] up but the love overpowered it," Meek Mill captioned the video footage below. "Almost went from dreams to nightmares quick. Lol."

Despite Meek Mill successfully fending off the overzealous crowd and living to joke about it on social media, the Dreams and Nightmares MC also claims to have had his phone stolen at some point during the pandemonium.

"They pickpocketed me for my phone," wrote Meek on his Instagram Story on Thursday. "[Shaking my head]. Bring that jawn back if you got it."

meek mill claims to have his phone stolen in ghana december 2022

Aside from having his phone snatched, it appears as though Meek Mill has not only endeared the people of Ghana but is also in the good graces of Ghanaian musicians as well. Upon hearing the news of Meek's stolen phone, popular dancehall artist Shatta Wale hit up Twitter with a message to the streets of Ghana.

"Streetz, if you know you have Meek Mill's phone, please return if that's true," tweeted Shatta. "You can't do that to a real hustler. By [tomorrow] morning, return a.m. Meek inspires all of us on the street a lot."

Even after being forced to power through the Ghanaian crowd and having his phone stolen, Meek Mill appears to have had an overall experience of a lifetime. Another IG post from the Championships artist features a carousel of epic photos from the headlining Afro Nation performance as well as a few shots that capture some of Meek's interactions during his trip to Ghana.

Meek Mill's wild performance in Ghana comes just six days after the Philly-bred prison reform activist did a major amount of good for the hood just in time for the holiday season. Last week, the Expensive Pain spitter covered the bail amounts for 20 incarcerated women so that they can spend Christmas with their families.

Watch Meek Mill Fighting to Get Out of the Crowd in Ghana in the Video Below

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