If you think about it, Colorado has numerous towns that are famous for a certain type of food. Sometimes the correlation is due to the certain type of food that is grown and harvested there, sometimes it's because a type of food was first invented there, and sometimes the correlation is indirect or goes back centuries.

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Colorado Foods Associated with Towns: Invented in Colorado

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As mentioned above, some of these correlations are due to the fact that the food item was invented in Colorado. These foods include the Denver Omelet, the cheeseburger which was first coined in Denver as well, and the root beer float which was inspired by Cow Mountain in Teller, Colorado.

Colorado Foods Associated with Towns: Grown in Colorado

Many of the foods associated with towns are famous simply for the fact that they are grown in the state of Colorado and are known to be extra sought after.

These include Rocky Ford's cantaloupes, Pueblo's green chiles, Olathe's sweet corn, and Palisade's peaches.

Other Colorado Foods Associated with Towns

Some of the Colorado towns associated with certain types of food aren't as obvious as the above examples. For instance, Arvada, Colorado was named the celery capital of the world back in the 1800s, while the small town of Dove Creek, Colorado is known as the pinto bean capital of the world.

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