When one thinks about the different types of regional pizza that are the most popular, places like Chicago, Brooklyn, Detroit, New York, and even Sicily come to mind. However, did you know that Colorado has its own type of pizza with characteristics unique to the state?

Keep scrolling to learn exactly what Colorado-style pizza is.

The History of Colorado-Style Pizza

Colorado-style pizza dates back to 1973 when 25-year-old Chip Bair bought the iconic original Beau Jo's restaurant in Idaho Springs from its original owners and namesakes, Beau and Jo Ann.

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Bair began experimenting with recipes and ingredients in the kitchen of his newly acquired restaurant until what would become Colorado's signature style of pizza.

What is Colorado-Style Pizza?

So, what exactly is Colorado-style pizza? The most remarkable thing that makes this style of pizza unique is the crust, which is made using honey for sweetness instead of sugar and is braided before baking.

Next, the pie is loaded up with what Beau Jo's calls a "mountain" of toppings which are decided upon by the customers and can range from a variety of traditional meats and veggies to more specialized pies.

These Colorado-style pizzas are then baked in a wood-fired oven which transforms the outer part of the crust to a sturdy, crispy consistency while remaining soft and chewy inside.

Another interesting thing about this style of pizza is that once the pizza is eaten and the crust remains, many Beau Jo's enthusiasts will then order some type of dipping sauce, usually sweet, to dip the crust in and treat themselves to a built-in dessert.

While not nearly as well-known as Brooklyn or Chicago-style pizza, Beau Jo's has since grown and has opened numerous brick-and-mortar locations across the state of Colorado.

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