When you think of a palace, you typically think of places like Great Britain, or Saudi Arabia; countries with royalty and massive amounts of wealth and riches.

However, it may come as a surprise to you that an absolutely massive home is currently for sale just outside of the ski town of Durango, Colorado, which bears a striking resemblance to something you'd find in a fairy tale.

Keep scrolling to check out this massive palace currently for sale near Durango, Colorado.

Durango Colorado Palace is Currently For Sale

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If you've been to the little ski town of Durango, Colorado, you were probably given an impression of a fun, college town with a lot of ski bums.

Well, just a fifteen-minute drive from downtown Durango will lead you to 11846 West Highway 160 where you'll find Ute Junction Ranch.

The property is currently listed for $13,250,000 and was built in 2012, making it roughly 11 years old.

The home, which looks like the type of place in which Cinderella would live, has 13 bedrooms, 10.5 bathrooms, with a total area of 19,274 square feet.

In addition, you'll find a seven-car garage on the property, as well as a bridge that takes you directly to the front of it, massive, impressive vaulted ceilings, a wine cellar bigger than a modest bedroom, and much more.

While the home itself is nothing short of impressive, it also sits on 232 acres of land that make up the property, giving this remarkable home a bit of privacy.

Keep scrolling to check out this palace currently for sale just outside of Durango, Colorado:

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