Back in 1995, a movie titled, "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead" starring Andy Garcia, Steve Buscemi, Fairuza Balk, Christopher Walken, and Christopher Lloyd was released, featuring numerous Colorado references and shooting locations that residents of the Centennial State instantly recognized.

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One of these places, the famous and historic Bluebird Theater, was portrayed in a slightly different fashion than it's known today. In fact, it was the workplace of Christopher Lloyd's character and the kind of place that served a much sleazier clientele than it does presently.

However, this representation was actually based on the venue's past life prior to becoming one of the Mile High City's most popular and beloved theaters when it was an adult movie theater.

Colorado's Historic Bluebird Theater + Its Sketchy Past

I'll never forget telling my dad, a Boulder native, that I was going to see a concert at the Bluebird Theater and immediately hearing the story of how back in the day, the venue was reserved for screening adult films.

The theater, located at 3317 East Colfax Avenue, first opened its doors over a century ago and received its bird-like name shortly thereafter in 1922.

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The Bluebird Theater was a movie theater for decades and went through several metamorphoses, including becoming an adult theater as portrayed in the aforementioned film. However, the historic venue was purchased by Chris Swank and Evan Dechtman who converted it into a music venue in 1994, shortly before Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead was released.

The theater has been a music venue ever since, acquired by AEG Presents in 2006 and while you won't be seeing any adult films there nowadays, it currently serves as a beloved and historic setting for concerts for Colorado residents and beyond.

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