GuardianProtection ranks Colorado as one of the top ten states in the nation for home burglary. Nearly 400 crimes occur per 1000 inhabitants are reported on average around the state, causing residents to be more careful about where they keep valuables.

A recent report from Reader's Digest takes a closer look at the ten places criminals love to look first when they get inside your home. Look at the photos below to see if one of your favorite hiding places should be crossed off the list of safe places to hide things.

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Home Burgluries in Colorado

Burglary rates in Mesa County were down 14% from 2018 to 2022 but increased slightly for the state on average about 1.6%.

In Denver, a total of 156 burglaries have been reported in 2024. The city is pacing for 187 burglaries per month, about 6 per day.

The Usual Hiding Places WIll Not Do

At one time or another, I can say I have probably used every one of the hiding places that Reader's Digest warns against using. We will share each of them with you below. Do you have a go-to hiding place or a trick for keeping valuables out of sight? We would love to share your ideas here. Open our station app and help us hide things properly.

The Safest Place To Hide Things

The safest place to keep valuables in your home is in a safe attached to the wall or the floor. Small portable safes can be hauled off by thieves to be opened somewhere else, leaving us feeling rather stupid.

Keep going for a lesson on which 'secret hiding places' should be retired here in Colorado.

10 ‘Secret Hiding Spots’ Burglars in Colorado Love To Check First

How many 'secret hiding places' do you have in your home? Did you know there are ten places a burglar will always check for valuables once they get inside your home? Keep reading to check out each hiding place in the gallery below, then move all your things to a new safe place.

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