If you love a small-town feel but still want to live close to Colorado's many outdoor activities, Fruita is a great town to consider. In the past twenty years, Fruita's population has more than doubled. Fruita is home to some of the best mountain bike trails in the state, the Colorado National Monument, and is just a couple of miles away from Highline Lake State Park.

Today we're looking at eight of the most expensive houses in Fruita. The cost of living is a little lower than in Grand Junction, and the homes in Fruita often include a lot more land than the ones in neighboring communities.

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How Big is Fruita, Colorado?

Fruita was established in 1884, and incorporated in 1894. Today, the population of the town is 13,395. It's about 8 miles squared, and 18 miles from the Colorado-Utah state line.

Fun Things to Do in Fruita, Colorado

If you love mountain biking, you will love living in Fruita. Living here means you are next to the 142-mile Kokopelli Trail to Moab. You'll also live close to the Colorado National Monument, and the James M Robb Colorado River State Park.

Check Out Fruita's Top Eight Most Expensive Homes For Sale Now

Fruita's median home price is around $385,000. The gallery below features the eight most expensive homes listed at Realtor.com. These homes are for sale now, not contingent or pending sale. Scroll through the gallery below to see each one of Fruita's most expensive homes.

The Most Expensive Houses for Sale Right Now in Fruita, Colorado

Take a look at the eight most expensive listings in Fruita, Colorado for the month of March 2023. These homes are for sale and available now, and many include several acres of land. Fruita's population has doubled over the past twenty years as more and more people discover this outdoor paradise in Western Colorado.

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