Nothing is as frustrating as one of those rare moments when you accidentally throw something into a trash dumpster. That moment you toss your trash bags in and see your keys go along for the ride is the worst. In Colorado, is it illegal to go in after them?

Keep reading to find out what makes dumpster diving legal or illegal, depending on where you are in the Centennial State.

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What Does Colorado Law Say About Dumpster Diving?

You are allowed to dive into dumpsters in Colorado that are on public property or dumpsters that are unlocked and dumpsters that do not display a "No Trespassing" sign. It's the location of the dumpster that can make dumpster diving illegal in Colorado.

If the dumpster you want to dive into is on private property, is locked, or displays a no-trespassing sign, you are trespassing by going inside it. This is the main thing that can make your dive illegal in Colorado. It's all about the location of the dumpster.

If the dumpster belongs to a business or a private residence, you can not dive in it. If you have to open a gate, cross a fence, or see any "no trespassing" signs, you would be breaking the law by diving into that dumpster. Find more pro tips in the complete guide to Colorado Dumpster Diving from

Dumpster Diving Notes in Colorado

Dumpster diving is legal in most states in America following a ruling from 1988 (State of California VS Greenwood). This case established a person's garbage has no right to privacy once thrown away. It's also important to note that county law, city law, or a business's guidelines will all still apply to a dumpster. Researching this before rummaging through dumpsters will help keep you from going in the wrong ones.

Dumpster Diving For Profits

The most popular places to go dumpster diving include wealthy neighborhoods, garage sales, retail store dumpsters, construction sites, and cosmetic stores.

Some people treat this as a side hustle. Electronics and other items in dumpsters can often be sold on eBay or Facebook Market Place. In 2021, Business Insider wrote up a story about a New York couple that made $3000 a month doing this.

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