In early 2022, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet announced that they were no longer together, but would remain close. A few months later, word got out that a "mystery person" was building a big home in Fort Collins, where Jason used to live.

Jason Momoa's Fort Collins connection dates back to when he was a tenant at the Rams Pointe apartment complex before he became a big Hollywood actor. Though Rams Pointe is mainly for CSU students, Jason never did attend CSU.

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While it's true that anybody can request a "non-disclosure agreement" (NDA) when it comes to building a home, it is fairly rare: especially when it comes to a home being built in Fort Collins. You'd have to be very recognizable or have a very recognizable name, to want people working on your home to keep it "hush hush."

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Two years have passed since this mystery person had people working on the home on Horsetooth Mountain sign NDAs. That home is probably finished, by now; or at the very least, it's very close to completion. I reached out to a contact I have with the metal fabricator firm that had to sign NDAs, and they have no information to give.

With Jason Momoa being a fan of Colorado, and having once lived in Fort Collins (and working AT Horsetooth Reservoir,) it's definitely not "outside the realm of possibility" to suggest that he could be the one behind this new secret mega-mansion.


Jason could, feasibly, fly into the Northern Colorado Regional Airport in a private jet, then take a car with tinted windows up to his (assumedly) awesome Horsetooth Mountain accommodations. He wouldn't have to see anybody. One sighting of him in Old Town, or at New Belgium Brewing, however, would surely give heavy credence to this whole idea.


Maybe, it's just another home for Fort Collins billionaire Pat Stryker. That could very well be; she keeps a tight lid on her addresses. However, I for one, will be on the lookout for Jason Momoa wandering around the Choice City.

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