One of the many things to come out of Super Bowl LVIII was the meme with Travis Kelce yelling at his coach, Andy Reid. What if he were yelling about Colorado things?

If you've seen what people have been having Travis saying, you can see they are having a lot of fun with it: Harry Potter references, Iron Man, shopping for your wife, etc.

Centering around Colorado, we've come up with some really good ones.

Travis Kelce, Jim Nantz, Andy Reid at Super Bowl LVIII
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Travis Kelce was definitely giving his Head Coach, Andy Reid, "the what for" during the Super Bowl in 2024. In the end, it doesn't really matter what the "conversation" was about; the memes that the photo inspired do.

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Travis was probably not yelling about his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, though there were plenty of people yelling about her.

We sat down and came up with some "Travis Kelce" memes that have him yelling to Andy Reid about Colorado.

  • 14ers.
  • Denver Broncos.
  • Casa Bonita.
  • How to Say Colorado.
  • Greeley.
  • Colorado Weather.
  • Etc.

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Travis Kelce 'Colorado' Memes

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