It's always a good perk when an employer offers paid vacation. It's even better when an employer takes you to Mexico for vacation. That is exactly what one Northern Colorado bar does with its employees.


Wicked Tequila Room in Loveland is currently closed for an entire week as the company has taken all of its employees on a trip down to Mexico. How cool is that? This isn't the first time that Wicked Tequila Room has done something like this for its employees either.

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Since opening on November 30, 2018, Wicked Tequila Room has taken its employees on an epic Mexican vacation numerous times and we think it's super awesome that a Northern Colorado company does something like this to show its appreciation to its employees.

The Mexico trip for Wicked Tequila Room employees is the third consecutive year in a row that a trip on the other side of the border has happened and the fourth trip since the start of 2020. While we don't exactly know what is happening during the trip to Mexico, we can be sure that a lot of tequila tastings are happening, because that is simply who the employees of Wicked Tequila Room are. Tequila enthusiasts.


I don't know about you, but if you think that an employee trip to Mexico would be a pretty epic perk of any job, you might want to apply for a job at Wicked Tequla Room. Who knows, you might be going on the next trip to Mexico with Wicked Tequila Room.

Wicked Tequila Room posted that the tasting room will be closed starting January 9 and will reopen on Wednesday, January 17, 2024, when the staff returns from the trip.

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