We are in an election year in Colorado. Of course, many of us are thinking about the Presidential race, but we should pay close attention to the local laws that are going to be on the ballot.

You may have seen people outside of grocery stores, parks, and other locations asking for your signature. These signatures are collected to create new laws.

Coloradans have to collect over 120,000 signatures across the state in order to have their cause put on the ballot. There will be many local laws and initiatives on the ballot come November. One includes a new law that animal activists will love, but some hunters nationwide will dislike.

Trophy Hunting Ban and Colorado


Trophy hunting might be coming to an end in Colorado this year.

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The measure states that trophy hunting of bobcats, mountain lions, and lynx will be banned because it is inhumane. Trophy hunting is primarily for gathering an animal's head or fur and if this is passed, Coloradans and out-of-state hunters will no longer be legally allowed to trophy hunt.

Westword says that the measure has reached over 180,000 signatures. 124,238 of those signatures will need to be verified in order for the measure to reach the ballot.

Some Exclusions on the Colorado Measure

The measure states that most trophy hunting has 'unsporting means'. This means that many trophy hunters are not humanely hunting these animals, according to the measure.

However, it states that killing a bobcat, mountain lion, or lynx is only permissible if it is in self-defense.

You can read the whole measure here.

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