Are you a superstitious person? Do you believe that if you walk under a ladder it is bad luck or maybe if you break a mirror you are cursed with bad luck for seven years? There are dozens, if not hundreds of odd superstitions all over the world.


Superstitions aren't just for bad luck

While some may be weary of causing themselves bad luck with one of the many superstitions out there, you can also be blessed with good luck from a couple of superstitions too. Finding a four-leaf clover is one of those superstitions that I was lucky enough to accomplish. As a matter of fact, I have found numerous four-leaf clovers over the course of my lifetime.

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Itchy plans are another superstition with good intentions. The itchy palm lore is that if you have a right palm that itches, you will meet someone new. If your left palm itches, you could see money in your future. Who couldn't use a left itchy palm these days?

Colorado's Weird Superstition Involves a Toad

Toads are prevalent all over the state of Colorado. When it comes to superstitions in the state, the toad is at the center of this weird curse. According to, Colorado's strangest superstition is this:

If you kill a toad, your cow will produce bloody milk.


While this appears to be a widely known superstition, I have never heard of this. I surely wouldn't want to kill a toad and have bloody cow's milk, so I will be sure to be cautious about accidentally stepping on a toad.

The folklore surrounding killing a toad in Colorado is just that. Folklore. Your cow isn't going to magically produce bloody milk if you accidentally step on a toad. However, we feel like the main message of this superstition is to be careful of where you walk and not intentionally kill a toad just because you can.

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See the full list of weird superstitions by state at

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