A man's bride-to-be is furious with him after he told her that his mom, who is also getting married, won't prioritize their wedding over hers.

"My fiancée 'Janie' and I are in the middle of planning our August 2024 wedding. We had a longish engagement of two years, so that we could save. My mom got engaged around Christmas time of this [past] year and set her wedding date for May 2024. Her wedding is the last week in May. Ours is the first week in August, so they are just over two months apart," the man wrote on Reddit.

His fiancée was "pretty shocked" when she found out that his mom would be getting married so close to their own date.

"I think this situation has been a bit hard on Janie as my mom is a professional wedding planner with virtually no budget, and the family seemingly only cares about her wedding," he explained.

"Janie recently had an altercation with my mom, because Janie mentioned she was going for a dress fitting and someone asked if my mom had seen her dress. My mom said no, and Janie made a joke that she wouldn't take my mom to any of her appointments as she might start trying on dresses," the groom-to-be continued.

While his fiancée and his mom now have a tense relationship, he believes his bride-to-be "can't expect my mom to feel as strongly about our wedding or to prioritize her."

"Janie became very quiet and didn't want to talk about it. Now I feel I may have been insensitive," he concluded.

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Users in the comments met his post with mixed feelings.

"I could understand Janie being miffed if the weddings were a week apart or even in the same month but two months apart doesn’t seem like too much of a wedding faux pas. I would think of the May one as a spring wedding and the August as summer. I feel like Janie’s wedding dress comment was uncalled for, and Janie rolling her eyes instead of communicating properly was rude," one person wrote.

"Sounds like your mom enjoys steamrolling people. She’s a wedding planner and doesn’t realize how important a wedding that’s been in the works for TWO YEARS is? Also she doesn’t realize that pulling out all the stops for her own wedding will overshadow the simpler wedding you’ve been saving for TWO YEARS? Honestly your fiancée's joke about not wanting her to see the dress is quite funny and she is NOT wrong," another commented.

"No one cares about weddings the way the people getting married do," someone else chimed in.

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