From time to time, someone on YouTube will recycle information that someone else has already given about a certain topic.

One that's comical to me is the 'Here's Why Nobody Lives In Wyoming'.

The latest video I found was posted up 10 days ago, but not many people have watched it.

The GoalExploring YouTube channel has only been up for about a year and only has a few subscribers and videos.

The creator's name is Alex and he's from California. He says he loves exploring the world and giving inside tips to his 1,000 subscribers.

He states in his description:

As a native Californian who’s traveled to all 50 states, I’ve come to realize that travel isn’t just the monuments and big moments. It’s the little things, too, that make travel so great. From the gas stations in the middle of Montana that give out free coffee refills to Georgia hikes that lead to the views you’ll remember forever, there’s nothing like travel for showing us the big and small of the world we live in. That’s my goal, too. Each week, I’ll be sharing videos with you about the best ways to travel the towns, cities, and states that make up the good ol’ US of A. Stick around, and let’s go exploring!

Over time, the video quality has improved, but the information that's provided in video is basically the same. There may be a change of words and the numbering may be different, but the same.

Check out the video Alex has provided.

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