You have finally decided to take a drive and check out the colors, and end up seeing a whole lot of tarantulas.

What? Tarantulas?

Yes. It's mating season for tarantulas and you will see hundreds, sometimes thousands of them making their way along roads, sidewalks and in fields looking for their mate.

That sounds like some people I know!

There are a few things you probably should know about tarantulas, besides how huge and scary they are.

First, they aren't going to bother you, unless you bother them first, and even then you most likely will not die from a bite from a tarantula, just get sick. If they feel threatened by your approach, they have been known to launch leg hairs at whatever is threatening them. Those hairs won't have a serious effect on your health, they are irritating and will itch.

The male of the species, in his attempt to reproduce, will look high and low for their mate, having had to wait ten years to get to this point.

Sadly, however, it usually doesn't end well for those guys as the female, once she has been impregnated, will kill her suitor.

Fascinating, isn't it?

The best places to see this amazing site is on Highway 71, north of Ordway, and Highway 109 between Kim and La Junta.

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