Now we have one more reason to stop by Starbucks and not feel completely guilty about it. It's Happy Hour after 3 p.m.

Whether it's a Grande Starbucks double shot on ice, half white mocha half raspberry with half and half, cold passion tea with raspberry and sweetener,  iced chai tea latte, black iced tea with Splenda and cream, green tea and lemonade unsweet, cold, or a vanilla iced coffee no cream it is a wonderful day at Starbucks.

Buy one iced beverage today after 3 p.m. and be blessed with an additional iced beverage on the house. This is my kind of happy hour.

To sign up for the party and receive information go to Starbucks' Happy Hour website. If you're already a Starbucks rewards member there's is no need to sign up.

See you there.

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