National Days are funny. I'm not sure who decides that this is the day it should be National Sticky Bun Day but I like it. Not complaining whatsoever.

I guess it's another excuse to enjoy a treat when I really should turn the treat down.

As long as I can remember I've always been a sucker for a hot, soft, sticky bun. It's an awful curse and it truly makes me mad that I love sticky buns as I do.

I understand how sticky buns got their famous name. It's like sticking fat right to your bun every time you take a bite.

I apologize to my poor body for having to take a hit for my weakness.

I've decided today would be an excellent day to share my weakness with others. It's my most favorite recipe that I've found on twitter. Martha's recipe rocks and best of all this recipe has zero calories, wink-wink and tastes fabulous.


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