Grand Junction has a few different go-to sayings like "it is what it is." Here are some of Grand Junction favorite sayings.

Some of my favorite sayings are "you can' fix stupid" and "pitter patter, let's get at her." (Thanks to Letterkenny for the second one.)

After asking you on our Facebook, Grand Junction has some funny sayings and some of them I've never even heard of before. Here are Grand Junction's favorite sayings:

This saying is a classic. It's so simple but somehow gives you so much peace.

I literally am hearing this in Ray's voice. It's definitely a favorite for him.

Pam's kids don't enjoy their mom's wisdom, but we do. I could see why this would be her favorite expression, especially because she's a mom.

Whether you've got a great attitude or a terrible attitude, it is completely up to you. I like saying, Vicki, it's a nice reminder that we're in control and that you can choose to happy -- or not.

I read this like Forrest Gump and I'm sure you did too. Part of life's fun is the unknown, you really do never know what you're going to get.

Here are some more of Grand Junction's favorite sayings:

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