The iPhone ringtone that we hear a million times a day has been remixed and it's awesome!

Even if you have an android you've heard the generic iPhone ringtone way too many times. It's not a bad ringtone it's just frustrating trying to figure out who's phone is ringing with more than 1 person in a room.

I saw the title of the video and I thought it would be pretty cheesy or at least mediocre. After getting my mind blown, I had to share the video. It's probably one of the coolest remixes I've heard in a while. It's crazy to think that "song" at it's core is just a generic sounding ringtone for an iPhone.

The remix was done by "MetroGnome" who does a lot of really good remixes of other songs as well. But if I downloaded this one and set it as my ringtone, I don't think I'd ever answer my phone... I would just bounce my head like 'a Night at the Roxbury'.

What did you think of the remix?

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