Have you ever had that one person in your workplace, that just "doesn't get it?" You know, that person who sends random emails (mostly to you), then one day hits reply all? Yep, I have a friend just like that. Here is what she did.

On a rainy Monday morning, I was sitting at my desk when Josline, she worked for the president of the company as a corporate secretary, sent me an email asking me how my weekend went. I told her that with the rain, it was a slow and unproductive weekend. I proceeded to ask her how her weekend was and that is when the trouble began.

Josline and I sent email after email, back and forth about how she hung out with the girls and that they all went shopping. In the midst of me replying with "nice" and "cool," she just kept going.

Apparently Josline and her girlfriends went to a sexy lingerie store and apparently got themselves some new bras and accessories. Not that I minded letting her spill out, however, she started attaching photos of the items by themselves, then the items as she was wearing them.

As I am sitting at my desk in awe that she would send me photos of her unmentionables --apparently she thought we were closer friends than I did -- I looked up and noticed that she selected the "forward" button, that just happened to be attached to the entire company email system.

Yep, all 1500 employees got to see Josline in her brand new pink bra and accessories.

Needless to say, I hid under my desk and hoped that the "nice" and "cool" would not be seen in the flood of replies she began to receive.

Some employees were decent about it and said "Um, I don't think you realized you sent this to me," while the women in the company asking where she got the items and how much it cost her.

Honestly, I thought the cost would be her job. Luckily, she was only written up for "inappropriate email transactions" and that pretty much ended it.

Just goes to show, workplace blunders do happen, and it just makes you shake your head. Has anything like this ever happened in your workplace??

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