From the Breaking Bad RV to a Prius, to a Ford Pinto, it's Grand Junction -- as a car. If Grand Junction was a car this is the kind of could it would be.

We were trying to imagine what Grand Junction would be if it were a car. Maybe Grand Junction would be something lifted with big wheels that smokes you out as it drives by, or maybe a Prius with way, way too many stickers.

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We wanted to know what you imagined Grand Junction would be like if it were a car, so we asked you on Facebook. Your answers did not disappoint, as we were cracking up as we read them. This is the kind of car Grand Junction would be, according to you:

Breaking Bad RV

You remember the RV from Breaking Bad that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman cooked meth in? Rick says that is Grand Junction, smoke pouring out of the top and all.

Junker, But With a Mountain Bike

Dave says that if Grand Junction was a car, it would be a $500 junker with a $3,000 mountain bike on top of it. (I've also seen Teslas with a mountain bike on it because Grand Junction loves mountain biking more than pretty much anything.)

Ford Pinto, Lifted Impala + More

Michelle commented on our Facebook and says Grand Junction would be a Ford Pinto and Wyatt says a Prius. Candice says a lifted Chevy Impala and Ronnie says a stolen car. Donna says a Jeep Wrangler, Marlo says a dune buggy and a Seth says his stolen 1997 Honda Civic with a busted out window and a door that'd bungeed shut.

Bella on our Facebook says Grand Junction would be a Ford Expedition flex seal sprayed black, with tired that are too big and blown speaks with smoke rolling out of the windows.

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