Game of Thrones has been one of the most popular shows on tv, for several years. The show is based on one Realm, known as Westeros, established by the unity of 7 smaller kingdoms, under one throne. As I watched the show, I couldn’t help but notice how certain kingdoms and areas of the show reminded me of certain areas around Grand Junction. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Game Of Thrones if it took place in Grand Junction.

King’s Landing - Downtown Grand Junction

This is a thriving community, where anything that happens, happens. There are many merchants and thriving businesses, as well as a good deal of corruption. King’s Landing is sort of the central hub of Westeros, and it’s where the Iron Throne (that rules all seven kingdoms) resides.

The North - The Redlands

The North is sort of its own place, their way of life is definitely different from the rest of Westeros. They are farther away from the rest of the realm, and a little more in tune with the older ways of life. The North is also where the wall resides. The Wall is a giant, (and I mean giant) wall that protects the Realm from the more primitive and nomadic tribes of the North. It also is primary defense against the White Walkers (cue zombie music). Either way, I felt that the Redlands and The North have a lot in common.

The Vale - Orchard Mesa

The Vale, or the Eyrie, is sort of off on its own. It’s high up in the mountains and definitely elevated above the rest of the Westeros. The Vale is part of the kingdom, but they are protected from most sides due to the rivers of the area, and also their higher elevation. The Vale is one of the larger regions of the Realm, though, not as big as the North.

HighGarden - Palisade

HighGarden, the name really says it all. HighGarden is beautiful and lush and known throughout the kingdom for their beautiful gardens, and vineyards (could it fit the description any better?). Palisade is HighGarden, and that’s really all there is to it.

Casterly Rock - North of G road, East of 26 Road

This region of the Realm is known as the Riverlands, and the Westerlands, and is controlled by the Lannisters. They are one of the richest families (if not the richest family) in all of the Westeros. They have a fierce army, and plenty of money to throw at their endeavors. They have lands lush with produce and agriculture, and extravagant houses and castles. Though, they are a bit ruthless and strange.

Harranhal - Clifton

Harranhal has a somewhat daunting and ominous history. It seems to sort of be forgotten, or not spoken of very often among the citizens of Westerns. Although, there was a great fortress built there, which could withstand any ground or water assault. They just didn’t realize their enemy had dragons when they built it. Harranhal is not the most popular place in Westeros, at least according to the TV Show.

Dorne - Fruita

Dorne is definitely the most different, from the rest of Westeros. Dorne lies a great distance from the rest of Westeros, and the culture is distinctly different from the rest of Westeros. They tend to have a more laid back approach to several things, and they are not as harsh about social doctrines and status as the rest of the Realm.

So, there you have it. Game of Thrones if it took place in Grand Junction!