Summer is swiftly approaching, and longer days mean busier lives, which means more chances to hurt someone. Summer also brings upon us mounds and mounds of yard work. Well, a busy life and a lot of yard work is no excuse for carelessness, which can lead to injuries.

Did you know that lawnmower accidents are the number one cause of childhood amputations? NUMBER ONE! 17,000 kids every year are injured by lawnmowers in the US. In many of those injuries, the child loses a limb or appendage. I know this is a bit of a gruesome story for a Tuesday, but this is really important.

Here are some lawnmower safety tips, to help you ensure that you and your family stay safe this summer:

  1. Always Keep Children Inside While You Mow

Don’t let your child ride passenger on your riding mower. Do not let your child play near a push mower. Remember, the blade is not the only thing that can harm your child. Projectiles were thrown from the blade, and hot engine parts can also cause injury.

2. Maintain Your Mower Before Operating

Make sure your lawnmower is properly maintained to prevent mechanical failures. In addition, always turn the mower completely off before inspecting.

3. Always Operate Your Mower According to The Guidelines

Don’t remove any of the safety guards. Never leave your mower running while it is unattended. Always turn the mower off before adding gas or oil.

4. Use Proper Attire While Mowing Your Lawn

Don’t wear flip flops. Avoid shorts, wear jeans or longer pants, if possible. Wearing gloves is always a good option.

5. Take the Terrain Into Consideration

Make sure your grass is dry, make sure you look for stones in the grass. Take note of any hills or drops in the terrain.

Follow these tips, and be aware this summer and you can have a lawnmower accident free summer. Make Grand Junction a lawnmower accident-free town this summer, and every summer!