Plenty of us love Halloween and all the treats and tricks that go along with dressing up and having a fun time. But how old is too old to be Trick or Treating?

Yes, it is true. I love Halloween, and I love to get all dressed up and take in the fun of the scares, and the candy, and watching what creative costumes are out there. I love people who really go all out.

When trick or treating, did you ever notice how the older we are, the less candy we get? I thought it was all about the fun? Little kids get handfuls of candy, but as we get older, we get funny stares from people, and maybe 1 bite size candy bar for all we did to be a part of the fun.

It seems that if you are a parent and you're with your child, you'll get candy and it is no big deal. If you are out by yourself, or you are with friends who are older, you get the crazy eye from people. Does not make much sense to me.

If you are even an older teen, it seems that the looks and comments from some can be less than favorable. So what age is the right age to Trick or Treat? Or should there even be a limit?