In this particular case, the correct answer is the obvious one: very, very carefully. Oh, and you might want to use a really big tractor. The overall winner at this year's 'Giant Pumpkin Contest' came in at a mind-blowing 620 pounds!

Black Carriage Furniture in Grand Junction hosted its first annual 'Giant Pumpkin Contest' on Saturday, October 25. A number of pumpkins came in at several hundred pounds each. However, the overall winner exceeded the 600 pound mark.

It took a couple of people and a really big tractor to get the pumpkin off the trailer and onto the scales. From there, it took its place with the rest of the pumpkins in the competition.

This giant monster came from seeds of a pumpkin grown by the owners of Black Carriage Furniture. The seeds were provided free of charge to anyone who wanted to grow their own giant pumpkin to compete in this year's event.

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