If food extremes are something you love, then you'll be excited to hear about a ridiculously crazy hot sauce made in Colorado that's making waves.

First We Feast recently posted a video of Sean Evans revealing the 10 hot sauces that will be featured in season 18 of the popular YouTube series, Hot Ones.
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What Is the YouTube Series Hot Ones About?

Hot Ones features celebrity guests who answer questions posed by host, Sean Evans, all while eating hot wings with escalating degrees of spiciness.

The goal is for the guests to eat just 10 hot wings coated with different sauces that are ranked by the Scoville Scale, which is a spiciness scale measured in Scoville Heat Units.

Hot Ones Season 18 Features A Colorado Hot Sauce

The hot sauces featured on the show come from all across the nation, and this season, a Colorado hot sauce has been chosen to appear in the new lineup.

The show begins with the least hottest sauce in position one escalating to the spiciest sauce in position ten.

The chosen Colorado hot sauce is called the Seventh Reaper and has been assigned as the 5th sauce in the queue.

The Seventh Reaper and Colorado's Sauce Leopard

The Seventh Reaper is made by Denver, Colorado-based company Sauce Leopard. This is how the company describes the Seventh Reaper:

From the charred depths of hell, a crack from the flavor whip rings out across the plains. The Seventh Reaper, inspired by an Argentine red chimichurri sauce, is a celebratory union between Sauce Leopard & SEVEN. This frighteningly delicious sauce is ideal on scorched carcass fresh off the grill, but also prime on sandwiches, tacos, shrimp, eggs, or dare we say in a Bloody Mary?

Sauce Leopard founder/chef Shaun Goodwin originally made hot sauces as a hobby, but following the pandemic, he took his sauce skills to the next level. Since then, Goodwin's sauces have quickly become a fan favorite and the company has received multiple awards for its many sauces.

Sauce Leopard
Sauce Leopard

A 5 fluid-ounce bottle of The Seventh Reaper is currently selling for $12 online, so if you love heat and are feeling brave, try the sauce for yourself.

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