I couldn't help have a few tears after the horrific fire that happen last month on I-70 right by my sisters work and a spot I pass a minimum of five times a week.

Through it all, I had been wondering about the homeless man that helped save many lives that day.

A hero that seemed to have vanished after his fearless actions on April 25 has been blessed beyond his wildest imagination.

Darin Barton has been named the "homeless hero" according to FOX31 by one of the lives he saved.

He was panhandling off the exit of Denver West and I-70 when a semi caused a horrific explosion killing four people and destroying dozens of vehicles.

Come to find out this was not the only time that Darin has helped save a life. Two years ago he was in the same spot when he helped a lady named Valerie Blease who was in trouble.

She's been looking for him since and come to find out when she saw him on the news she shocked.

The community wanted to help Barton out. When asked what he wanted or needed all he wanted was a scooter.

He got a beautiful red scooter that he loved but he also received thousands of dollars of gift cards when FOX31 put a suggestion out to the public to help donate to Darin Barton thinking it may help him out a tad.

It helped a lot more than a little and boy was it ever well deserved. He's been an angel on more than one occasion that's for sure.

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