Themed 5Ks are popping up all over, but none of them look as punishing or as fun as the Hit and Run 5K! Make sure you have a chiropractor appointment and check it out!

Among all the mud covered runs, color runs, zombie runs, and whatever themed run pops up, there's the Hit and Run 5K, which looks to be a mix of 'Wipeout,' 'American Ninja Warrior,' and just pure painful fun.

Along the 3.1 mile course, runners will have to try their best to tackle what looks to be the coolest bounce houses they've ever seen, but are in for a big surprise. Runners will have to climb, balance, jump, duck and just plain stay in one piece.

Hit and Run 5K Website

If you'd like to tackle this awesome obstacle course you in luck, there's a Hit and Run 5K coming to Salt Lake City, Utah in October and another in Denver, Colo. but no date was given.