Living in Grand Junction is awesome. You have so many hiking trails that it's hard to pick just one. Whether you are taking an easy trail or a trail that might require a little bit more experience you need to be prepared. Follow these ten commandments of hiking and you just might enjoy yourself a little more.

  • I

    Thou Shall Always Stay Hydrated

    Always bring extra water with you. It will help keep you hydrated. While making sure you don't get heat exhaustion.

  • II

    Thou Shall Never Be Rude to Other Hikers

    Everyone is on the trails to have fun. So please keep it friendly. There is enough space for everybody.

  • III

    Thou Shall Always Wear The Proper Clothing

    Wearing jeans and a t-shirt should be your best friends while hiking. It will keep you a lot more protected from the elements.


  • IV

    Thou Shall Never Hike Alone

    Although you might like the peace and quiet, going with somebody is always the safest idea.

  • V

    Thou Shall Always Bring The Proper Foot Protection

    Flip flops might be comfortable but wearing them while hiking is not a good idea. Athletic shoes or hiking boots are a good choice.

  • VI

    Thou Shall Always Bring Some Food

    Making sure you have a snack with you will help keep your energy levels up. Try not to eat anything with salt.

  • VII

    Thou Shall Always Clean Up After Your Dog

    Nobody wants to be hiking and all of a sudden step in dog poo. Please pick up after your dog,

  • VIII

    Thou Shall Always Stay On The Trails

    This is one you should follow. Speaking from personal experience, leaving the trail isn't always a good idea. I did and got hurt


  • IX

    Thou Shall Always Tell Someone Where You Are Going

    This will help you in case something were to happen. It could save your life.

  • X

    Thou Shall Always Bring Sunscreen

    Thou shall always bring sunscreen - This will protect you from the sun and you won't be going home with a burn.

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