Opera Colorado is adapting the Stephen-King-book-turned-Kubrick-film into its latest incarnation: A musical. 

The Stanley
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We all know that the horror story is based off of Estes Park's Stanley Hotel, but the show is new to Colorado theaters. Other states, however, have already put on an opera production of The Shining, and in Minnesota, it got shining reviews.

According to Mental Floss, you should expect the Opera to be more novel than Nicholson, however.

The production isn’t based on Stanley Kubrick’s similarly-titled 1980 movie starring Jack Nicholson—mainly because 'the movie is not operatic at all,' Campbell told MinnPost. 'There’s no journey of any character.' However, he 'went back and read the novel and thought, ‘This is a very exciting idea for an opera.’ [Mental Floss]

Denver Post's The Know shared that Colorado Opera's The Shining doesn't hit the stage 'til next season. Read more from The Know here.

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