Jeopardy has been on TV for over 50 years and Grand Junction has been featured on the show six times. Here are the four times that Grand Junction was featured on Jeopardy!.

The TV show started in 1964 and there's a searchable database for every episode of Jeopardy since 1984. According to the database, Grand Junction has been featured on the show four times as either a part of the question or the answer.

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If you answered all of these questions about Grand Junction correctly, you would earn $3,100. Here are the four times that Grand Junction was featured on Jeopardy!:

Q: 30 miles from Grand Junction, Colorado and you'll be in this state:

A: What is Utah?

  • This was a $400 question under the category 'Go West.' It's no secret that Utah is our neighbor, who happens to live very, very close to us. Let's get one thing straight though, Grand Junction = a part of Colorado, not Utah.

Q: It makes sense that this Colorado city is found where the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers meet:

A: What is Grand Junction?

  • This is exactly how we got our name because we're the confluence or junction of two rivers, the Gunnison and Colorado River. The Colorado River used to be the Grand River, hence the name Grand Junction. This question was a daily double, worth $2,000.

Q: Mesa State is a college in Grand Junction in this state:

A: Colorado

  • This question about CMU was worth $400 and was in the 'Colleges' category. Before CMU was Colorado Mesa University, it was Mesa State College. (Can we have $400 now?)

Q: This Colorado city is located where the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers meet, hence its name:

A: Grand Junction

  • This question is essentially the same as the second one on this list, except this one was in an episode that aired in 1998, while the previous one aired in 2017. This question was in the 'U.S. Cities' category and was worth $300.

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