How do you have fun at Country Jam but don't really listen to the music? Well, I'm going to give you a few tips and how to enjoy yourself even if you don't know the music.

1) To get the best experience possible you should start by listening to a few of the artists. I know it might not be your cup of tea, but it really might surprise you how could they really are.

2) Be sure to get a camping spot. This way as soon as the music starts, you are right there, just wake up and make your way to where the fun is happening.

3) Always try the food that they have out there. When I would go out there my favorite thing was the lamb gyro. Go around and try everything, your out there so why not?

4) I found when you go to things like this and you really don't know the music, bringing a few friends helps. At least one of them will know the music. It is kind of like your cheat card for knowing who the bigger artists are.

5) This one is the most important of them all. Make sure that if you are drinking alcohol that you follow it up with some water. Alcohol dehydrates you and when you add on the heat, it makes it even worse. So make sure to always have some water with you.

If you follow these tips then I am sure you will have the best experience possible. Tell me about your experiences at Country Jam!

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