Did you know Grand Junction is home to an excellent Mariachi Band? Have you met Javier De Los Santos' Mariachi San Jose?

For a number of years, Mariachi San Jose has performed throughout Western Colorado. You may have seen them at various Cinco de Mayo events, churches, wedding receptions, and even a concert or two.

Waylon Jordan

At any given time Mariachi San Jose can consist of anywhere from six to 15 members. In all cases, though, the band is fronted by St. Joseph Catholic Church Music Director Javier De Los Santos.

Javier De Los Santos

A number of years ago, the group got together, sans uniforms, to do a "farewell" recording with Father Edmundo from St. Joseph. That's Father Edmundo performing the vocal part.

Check out the photo below. That's Grand Junction educator Jeff Pierson warming up in a garage in Aspen. The group took the role of "garage band" quite literally. They had been secretly hired to play an anniversary party. The band hid in the garage before their surprise entrance. Do you know what's the best part of show business? The glamour!

photo: Javier De Los Santos

Javier has gone to great lengths to make available authentic instrumentation and wardrobe. In addition, he has arranged hundreds of traditional songs just for this group.

Javier De Los Santos

Keep an eye and ear open for Mariachi San Jose. It won't be long before you'll find them performing for a public event. Please make a point to catch one of their shows.