The last few days in the Grand Valley, we have had a pretty good dose of rain, and from the forecast, it looks like rain is in our future for a few more days at least.

Most people see rain and cloudy days, as dreary, and somewhat blah. For those of us who suffer from allergies, the rain can actually be a very welcomed site to our sore eyes.

Weather, especially rain, has a way of making allergies better and worse. Why you may ask?

According to, rain can make the pollen count drop by washing out the pollen from the air. That makes sense right? But on the flipside, rain makes things grow, like grass. This can be another allergy producer for us.

So while it is raining in the area, you may feel like a million bucks, however, once the rain is over, get ready for all the allergens to return. For those times that we have dry conditions and wind. Pollen from trees and more, get blown around, making us all wish that it would rain one more day.

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