Check out Voldemort and his crew singing 'Dark Lord Funk', their own version of 'Uptown Funk' by Marc Ronson and Bruno Mars!

I may need to check my statistic but I feel like this song has been parodied more than any other song I have ever seen. Maybe since it's so popular and upbeat, but I'm not sure. Out of all of the ones I've seen... this might be the best one!

Of course, if you don't like, watch or read any of the Harry Potter movies/books, then you probably won't enjoy this one as much. I'm not sure if I should admit this but I've seen all the movies and this video is pretty great. The music, the quality of video, and all the Harry Potter "East eggs" were awesome.

Again, there have been a LOT of 'Uptown Funk' parodies but this one is the winner in my book. What did you think of this one? If not this one, what's the best one you've seen so far?