Halsey confirmed the real reason she wants to take a break after her Manic tour.

During her concert in Dublin, Ireland on Wednesday (March 11), the "You Should Be Sad" hitmaker revealed why she's decided to take some time off after her current world tour is over this summer. Halsey explained to fans that while it's been an honor to watch them grow up, she feels she needs to do a little growing herself.

"The cool thing about it is that you guys have watched me grow up too," she said. "You guys have watched me date a lot of people... yep, so many, like, a lot. You've watched me break up with a lot of people. You guys have watched me say the wrong thing at the wrong time, make friends with the wrong people. Make a lot of mistakes."

"But something's started happening where you guys have started to grow up faster than I was," the 25-year-old pop star continued. "And I'm supposed to be the one who writes the songs that help you and stops you from making mistakes. But how can I do that if you're growing up faster than me?"

"So, that's why I'm taking this break. So that I can go away and I can do a little bit of growing up and come back and write you the best f---ing album you've ever heard," Halsey told a crowd of cheering fans.

Check out Halsey's full speech, below:

You can buy tickets for Halsey's Manic tour here.

The singer first announced her plans to stop touring on March 1, writing on Instagram, "I think 2020 will mark the end of me touring for a very long time. Thank you for making the memories so special. I am cherishing every single night."

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