Being a parent I know that it can get pretty stressful at times. So to make parenting just a little bit easier why not use some of these hacks that will help make the kids and your life a little bit easier.

Keep a spray bottle in the car for those hot days

I hated getting into the car on a hot summer day because the belt was always too hot. When you spray the water on the buckle it cools it down and keeps it from burning you when you get in the car.

Put a lint roller in with your crafts

My daughters love to make crafts with a lot of glitter. If you have lint roller handy when your kids are doing crafts it will pick up all the glitter that has been dumped out. If your kids are like mine the more glitter the better. The roller will help in the clean up of the glitter.

Put magnets on your kids cup

I never even thought to do this. Both of my daughters and my nephew constantly use a new cup every time the take a drink. If you put magnets on the back of the cup all you have to do is put it on the fridge. That way they only have there cup instead of using every single cup in the house.

Clean shoes in the dishwasher

My parents did this one for me when I was growing up. I have also done it for my kids. Putting the shoes in the dishwasher is a smart idea. It gets your shoes clean in a hurry while also making sure it doesn't mess up the structure of the shoe. You could even do it with your kids toys or hats.

Use bulletin boards to help organize

I have actually just started doing this one for both my daughters and it seems to be working. With the bulletin board you can put a chores list on it and that will help your kids know what their jobs are for the day. Once school starts you can also place it above their backpacks and it's a nice little place to put their homework.

I hope these few life hacks for you and your kids helps you out as much as they have helped me.

If you have any other life hacks or parenting hacks feel free to let us know!

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