You have got to see these guys trying yo put on makeup! It's no wonder why only girls wear makeup, we're horrible at it!

The guys are BuzzFeed's "The Try Guys" who try out different thing. They mainly try things only girls do or use. This time they had to put on makeup using online makeup tutorials.

Even with tutorials guys couldn't do it right! I always thought the reason we didn't put on makeup was because it's a girly thing to do, now I know it's because we just suck at it. Except for the Asian guy. No one else brought this up but he was surprisingly good. Or do I just not know what I'm talking about?

Ok, ladies... now we can really understand when you say things like "the struggle is real". It looks real and watching guys try to do this makes it look even more difficult. Since I have no idea about anything when it comes to makeup, how do you think these guys did?