This guy wrote a goofy song about one of the most mysterious places in Colorado, Denver International Airport.

The song makes references to things like the giant blue horse statue, appropriately nicknamed "Blucifer" by locals here in Colorado, the strange murals, and the conspiracy theories regarding the New World Order.

He makes mention of the fact that Blucifer, while creepy on its own, is also known to be cursed. The story goes, that the sculptor Luis Jimenez was actually killed by his creation. While being built in his studio, the blue mustang sculpture fell apart and one of the pieces that fell off landed on its creator, and he, unfortunately, succumbed to his injuries.

Another topic covered in this man's goofy song is the strange murals showcased at Denver International Airport. He speaks of the voodoo themes, the depiction of Jesus' last supper with a young girl depicted in place of Jesus, a map of Russia featured in one mural, and the alleged image of the anti-christ being born.

Another topic covered in this man's song is the New World Order. Conspiracy theorists cite references to the New World Order in said murals, and there is actually a stone memorial near some of the bathrooms at DIA that was put there by the Freemasons, a very secretive and mysterious group that has a lot of strange folklore surrounding their organization.

If you've ever been to DIA, chances are you've been a little sidetracked because, well, it's an airport. I've typically found myself rushing to grab my ticket, check my bags, and hurrying to what I call "the mosh pit" that is airport security. However, if you take the time to look around at the weirdness at DIA, this guy pretty much nails it down with his goofy song.

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