A Greeley man was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison last week, following his involvement in a sexual assault case that occurred at his residence in 2019.

According to a press release from the Weld County District Attorney's Office, in the early morning hours on February 17, 2019, a woman called 911 to report that she had just been sexually assaulted by a man named Matthew Shepherd while at his home. The caller had connected with Shepherd through Facebook, and this was only their second time meeting in person.

Based on the female victim's statement, Shepherd became angry with her when she refused to have sex with him. After repeatedly asking Shepherd to stop removing her clothing, he pinned the victim down on the bed with his knees on her forearms and proceeded to sexually assault her. Despite being asked to stop multiple times, Shepherd refused. The woman tried to escape, however Shepherd pushed her into his closet. She also tried to fight back, which resulted in Shepherd elbowing her in the forehead. In addition, Shepherd ripped off the victim's Apple Watch so that she could not call 911.

After giving in to Shepherd's sexual demands, the victim was able to escape with just a few articles of clothing and then called police. When Greeley Police officers arrived, they noticed the victim had bruises on her forearms and another large bruise on her forehead. These bruises were consistent with Shepherd pinning her down on the bed and elbowing her.

Weld County District Attorney
Weld County District Attorney

Matthew Shepherd was convicted in January of Sexual Assault by Force, a class 3 felony, and Unlawful Sexual Contact, a class 4 felony.

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